Amica Whincop Artist

“I am intrigued by the perfect imperfection found in natural beauty, and use colour and form to evoke its sense of mystery and wonder. My approach to painting is relaxed and intuitive, rather than analytical. It's a beautiful chaos to paint this way.”


Collectors often express that Amicas work produces a mesmerising, meditative and calming response in their surroundings. Her work engages a wide audience, including those who often disassociate with abstract art.


Inspiration comes from natural beauty and natural wonder. Though her work is purely abstract, our intuition recognises a visual language that mimics the currents of the ocean, natural formations of the earth,  a flower in new bloom or the patterns of precious stone.


Her work conveys the poetry of creation and serves as a window to an inner passage where viewers can experience a peaceful state of being


BA Vis Art, BA Sec Ed. .


"Stone-like" forms float, loosely connected in an apparent void of negative space, but underneath this expanse, lies the concealed elements of a whole painting. The underpainting is essential in creating the fluidity and connectedness of the forms that become the final anchors of the piece. I move the paint around intuitively with water, gravity and spray paint, layering with pours and washes to imitate natural processes and formations. As the paint settles into itself, the idea of a painting is established.


I seek out organic shapes, highlighting them to chart a pathway through the work. Everything left is concealed behind an opaque, flat ground, and the forms arise as the focal point. When there is nothing left to mask, and the tension between ground and form, positive and negative is balanced, resolution is achieved.




  • The Other Art Fair, The Facility, Melbourne | NSW | 4 - 7 May
  • [6x6] , Group Exhibition | Metropolis Gallery, Geelong | NSW | 4 - 20 May
  • Dual Elements, Joint Exhibition | Left Bank Gallery, Gold Coast | QLD | May 1-19
  • Second Nature, Solo Exhibition | BCM’s Crucible Gallery, Fortitude Valley | QLD | Mar 17 - May 10
  • Holding Space, Solo Exhibition, | Michael Reid Gallery,  Murrurundi | NSW | Jan 6 - Feb 26


  • Stock Room | Michael Reid | Murrurundi| NSW
  • Rush Art Competition/Exhibition | Gympie Regional Gallery |QLD | Oct 4- 22
  • Unchartered, the Space Between | Joint Exhibition| The Garden Haus, Maleny| QLD |12 Sep – 5 Oct
  • Showcase Artist | Awake Live Performance Show | 19th August | Awake Studio | Gympie.
  • Live Artist Performance | Artisans @ Work | Brisbane Art Prize, Judith Wright Centre |QLD| 18 Aug
  • Stock Room | Axis Gallery | Sunshine Coast| QLD
  • Live Artist Performance | Artisans @ Work | Winter Trees on Mary Festival | QLD | 20th July
  • Feature Artist | Ambience Store Project & Cultural Flanerie, Newfarm| QLD | June 2-27th
  • Taking it to The Edge | Group Show |  Gympie Regional Gallery | QLD | April 19th – May 14th
  • Special Merit Award | Light, Space & Time Online Art Gallery | USA | April 1
  • Live Artist Performance| Artisans @ Work | Gympie Easter on Mary Festival | QLD | 23rd March
  • Taste of Art Group Exhibition | Noosa Art Gallery | Feb 5th – Mar 7th | QLD




"Amica paints cool, complex depictions of the natural organic world"


Art Lovers Australia


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