In the Moment

“Intuition & Abstraction.”


Create your deepest, most authentic abstract work through fluid media.

$269. – 5 hr WKSHP

@ Left Bank Gallery, Gold Coast.

APRIL 14th or APRIL 15th

What you’ll learn

By enrolling in this class, this you’ll gain knowledge on how to:

  • Learn ‘no-fail’ grounding principles to guide your art making.
  • Tune into your intuition through exploratory exercises.
  • Effective ways to use various water media including, fluid acrylic, ink, watercolour and spray paint.
  • Tips, tricks and techniques for unique mark marking.
  • Set intentions and collect inspiration to build a rich foundation for your painting.
  • How to activate the surface, through automatic painting and engagement with intuition.


What you’ll take home:

  • An intense 5 hour “chock a block full” workshop by artist and teacher Amica Whincop.
  • A resolved painting on a 60 x 60cm canvas.
  • A collection of creative starts and technical guides.
  • A take home box of materials and paint samples.
  • New found confidence and inspiration to take with you home into your practice.



About Amica

Amica has been practicing and teaching art for 18 years. Her beautiful, natural work has most recently been seen on The Block and Grand Designs.  Amica’s teaching style is relaxed, to the point, encouraging and a little cheeky. Her classes create the perfect safe and fun atmosphere from which to launch into art making.

Amica Whincop , what to say! I enjoyed your workshop so much! What an experience! Go wild! C. Kruppel.


Why Fluid media:

Fluid media is immediately responsive, you don’t have full control, and surprises are guaranteed. It forces you to be spontaneous, with no plan or obligation other than to react with what is happening in that very moment.  It also has a mind of its own.