Posted on October 12, 2017 in inspiration, paintings

I love collecting quotes, and often when I’m working on a painting, I’m listing to a inspiring, challenging or though provoking podcast or audible book. Whilst painting these latest pieces,  I have been listening to “The Untethered Soul” by Michael A. Singer. Essentially,  its about learning to step back from the mind and simply watch, noticing the ceaseless chatter that goes on inside our head. One of my favourite quotes so far…

“Nothing can ever bother you except your edges… you end up loving your edges because they point the way to freedom.” Michael A Singer.

Learning to give myself space, to examine and to notice…. to become untethered:)

Inspiration Board for “Untethered” Clockwise from top: @finding_dan, “Coastline of South Africa”, The Photo Argus, by Warren Krupsaw @KaraRosenlund

Untethered 1, 122 x 122cm. Ink, acrylic and aersol on canvas, by Amica Whincop

Untethered 2, 122 x 153 cm, Ink, Acrylic and aerosol on canvas, by Amica Whincop.

Untethered 3, 76.3 x 61, Ink, Acrylic and aerosol on canvas, by Amica Whincop.

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