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Works in progress for a new collection of work called “Wallum Country”, inspired by the coastal heathlands of South East Queensland. My studio is in the old mining town of Gympie, nestled close to bushland, and only a 45 minute drive to the coast where my family and I escape to the beach most weekends, […]

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This piece was commissioned by a lovely local school teacher who has been following along my work and fallen in love with a painting called “Adrift”. The problem was she couldn’t quite decide if the size and colours would look right in her space. We created some rough digitial mock ups of some pieces, including […]

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I’ve been thinking about the idea of ambivalence. I’ve always thought of the word in a negative way, as in not caring about something… but its really quite a cool word – which comes from combining two words “ambi” meaning two and “value” meaning to have worth. If this is the case – this led […]

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