Amica’s latest collection ‘Given’, serves as a gentle tribute to the gifts freely given us by Mother Earth. Amica intentionally collected the rich, red ochre from her local area, to create the base pigment for each painting – thus, giving each piece that gorgeous dusty, pink hue which so embodies our Australian landscape. 

These pieces are currently on exhibition at Michael Reid Gallery, Murrurundi. 1 Aug – 16th Aug. 2019. 



Art Lovers | 6 May 2019 By Sunnefa Hamar Penning ~ Abstract artist Amica Whincop uses painting as a pathway to healing, connecting and nurturing the soul. To her, painting is a spiritual practice that enables her to “see past chaos, to make my world simple and kind...

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“I Feel It All” The Commission Process

This piece was commissioned by a lovely local school teacher who has been following along my work and fallen in love with a painting called "Adrift". The problem was she couldn't quite decide if the size and colours would look right in her space. We created some rough...

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Not knowing either way? The art of Ambivalence.

"Sweet Ambivalence" I’ve been thinking about the idea of ambivalence. I’ve always thought of the word in a negative way, as in not caring about something… but its really quite a cool word - which comes from combining two words “ambi” meaning two and “value” meaning to...

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Inside our 100 yr old house.

A high school teacher turned artist and her surveyor husband breathe colourful new life into a century-old cottage.Hanging on the wall in the entry of the cottage owned by artist Amica Whincop and her husband, Clayton, is the original deed to their property. It’s...

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