Amica’s latest collection ‘Given’, serves as a gentle tribute to the gifts freely given us by Mother Earth. Amica intentionally collected the rich, red ochre from her local area, to create the base pigment for each painting – thus, giving each piece that gorgeous dusty, pink hue which so embodies our Australian landscape. 

These pieces are currently on exhibition at Michael Reid Gallery, Murrurundi. 1 Aug – 16th Aug. 2019. 


Inside our 100 yr old house.

A high school teacher turned artist and her surveyor husband breathe colourful new life into a century-old cottage.Hanging on the wall in the entry of the cottage owned by artist Amica Whincop and her husband, Clayton, is the original deed to their property. It’s...

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“An organic, spontaneous and chaotic” process results in the creation of tranquil and intuitive abstract art. We think it's time you met Amica Whincop."   It takes time to find your calling. Most of us spend at least a few years in the career abyss - scrambling...

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