“..for me, painting feels like a kind of visual poetry

dedicated to nature herself.”

Amica is prounounced (A-mi – ka), It means ‘friend’.

I’m an abstract artist currently dripping paint in the former gold-mining town of Gympie, Queensland.

I have a Bachelor of Education (Secondary), Bachelor of Visual Art, a Diploma of Graphic Design and a bachelor-turned-husband that makes sure I’m caffeinated and well-fed when I’m losing time in my artist’s shed. 

German-born and UK-raised, I spent the first part of my life legitimately believing that I was a character in an Enid Blyton novel. I roamed the cliffs, beaches and forests of Isle of Wight, making dens, collecting nature and creating stories in my head.


These early days imprinted themselves on my identity, forming an unbreakable bond between my creativity and the natural world.As I grew up, I found myself venturing into nature whenever I felt overwhelmed (so, every second day). The peaceful solitude of a hike through the woods anchored me in the present moment and allowed me reconnect with myself, a pastime that proved invaluable later in life. 

Graduating from the Queensland University of Technology in 2003, I hung out with the future legends of the universe (aka primary to high school kids) for several years as an art teacher, before womaning up, taking the biggest breath of my life and beginning my full-time painting career.

the creation PROCESS

Today, I transform creative chaos into calm with a signature artistic style focused on emotional richness and natural simplicity.

I stumbled on my current style by painting white into a ruined canvas. As I stroked the brush across the collision of colours, it truly felt like I was digging out treasure. With every splash of white, a kind of elemental alchemy formed, conjuring circular, precious stones of colour and beauty. Eliminating areas that feel distracting or unnecessary has become one of the most important parts of my creative process.


Inspired by nature, I use unpredictable materials such as water-based acrylics and ink and pair them with spontaneous, intuitive marks and controlled randomness to infuse a divine, sacred energy into my art. Once the first splash of paint hits the canvas, it’s intuitive. I release control. Surrender. The paint takes on a life of its own, flowing and winding across the canvas with the unpredictable beauty of colour, form and texture. Seconds shift into minutes. Minutes transform into hours. And, eventually, we both emerge: Complete and ready for the next transformation. This process becomes the underpainting and the foundation for my final composition.

Harnessing the Japanese concept of “Ma”, meaning ‘interval’ or ‘the space between’, I use white space to bridge chaos and calm while I lovingly pare my art down to its absolute simplest form, without losing its beauty and meaning. The final composition is refined and minimal, the negative space just as important as what was left behind, creating a balance of beauty and peace.

It’s feels sacred & raw. 



2018 Held. Art Images Gallery, Adelaide

2018 Essence. Soho Art Gallery, Sydney

2017 Second Nature. BCM Crucible Gallery, Fortitude Valley

2017 Holding SpaceMichael Reid Gallery, Murrurundi



2018 Voyage – joint exhibition. Left Bank Gallery Gold Coast.

2018 The Other Art Fair. Sydney.

2017 Christmas Exhibition. Art Images Gallery, Adelaide.

2017 The Other Art Fair, Melbourne.

2017 [6x6] -Group show. Metropolis Gallery, Geelong.

2017 Dual Elements – joint exhibition. Left Bank Gallery, Gold Coast.

2016 Ambience Store Project – feature artist. Newfarm.

2016 Unchartered, the Space Between – joint exhibition. The Garden Haus, Maleny.

2016 Taking it to the Edge – group exhibition. Gympie Regional Gallery.

2016 Taste of Art – group exhibition. Noosa Art Gallery.

2016  Rush Art Exhibition | Gympie Regional Gallery.



2019, Finalist, Art Lovers Australia Prize

2018,  Finalist, Contemporary Art Awards Queensland.



The Star Casino, Sydney. Executive Lounge

House 3, Channel 9, The Block, 2017 Elsternwick, Melbourne.

St John of God Berwick Hospital, Melbourne.

Stocklands, Northlakes Retirement Resort, Brisbane

Olympus Medical, Olympic Park, Sydney

Allscope Communications, Victoria




2018 Racy & Lucky Translating an artwork to a designer garment for a fashion shoot.

2017: Biocup Art Series

2017: Racy & Lucky Woman on the Land. Wearable

2016: CollabAnation – Live Artist Performances, Judith Wright Centre, Brisbane & Mary St, Gympie.







2019: Art Lovers Australia – Business of Art Conference. Panel presenter.


2019: The Shape of Things to Come, Artist Talk – Guest Speaker – Noosa Regional Gallery, March.

2018: Discover – Youth & Careers Symposium, Guest Speaker- Creative Industries.  Gympie Region

2018: Painting Large: Workshop. Gympie Regional Gallery. July.

2018: Explorations in Abstraction & Monochrome. Workshop Presenter. House of Artisan. Gympie. May.

2018: Intuition & Abstraction – Workshop. Left Bank Gallery& Art Lovers Australia. Gold Coast.

2017: Christmas for Creatives – Workshop presenter. House of Artisan. December.

2017:  Explorations in Abstraction. Workshop Presenter. House of Artisan. Gympie. May.

2017: Intuition & Abstraction Workshop. Gympie Regional Gallery-June.

2016: Art Battles. Whole School Interactive Abstract Art Workshop & Auction.