Voyage – Joint Exhibition with Lara Scolari at Left Bank Gallery

Jul 28th – Aug 31st, 2018



“Each new collection of paintings I create reflect my desire to capture the beauty, tranquillity and balance informed by the rhythms and energy of the natural world.

Since childhood, I have been motivated by the natural landscape and my work often evokes the unbridled forms of the Australian coastline and inland waterways. In a similar style to painter Bassmi Ibrahim’s fluid abstractions and artist Satsuki Shibuya’s intuitive markings on paper, the works in Voyage encapsulate the unpredictable beauty of colour, form and texture. Within each painting I have isolated abstract shapes with white paint, creating a pure space that weaves like a flowing tributary through the soothing colours of earth and water.”

Voyage, is on show at Left Bank Gallery on the Gold Coast from July 28 to August 31.

In this organic and raw exhibition, both Lara and I explore a visual language that mimics the forms of the natural world. Our abstract impressionist styles complement each other, as well as the perfect imperfections found in nature.  Our work conveys a sense of energy found at both ends of the spectrum–creating an enlivening space, as well as a resting place.


Opening Night:   

Gallery : 32/19 Warehouse Road, Southport QLD 4215 |  (07) 5532 0788 | email: [email protected]