Organic, spontaneous and chaotic – these are the words that best describe Amica’s process. Using water-based mediums, drips, pouring and washes, she employs a mix of random and controlled mark making, layering and intuitive manipulation to extract inherent shapes within the painting and allow her organic formations to emerge. Letting the work form itself, each painting takes on a kind of circular rotation as she rolls and rotates the canvas. The rhythm and fluidity of her own physical movements during this process is captured in the circular motion of the work, with each formation interconnected to the next. The resulting shapes appear as anchors from which to contemplate the resolution of each piece.


Once the chaos of the initial stages has been resolved, Amica regains control of her process by working white paint into the composition to define edges and lift underlying layers to the fore. Positioning her markings against a pale background highlights the relationship between both ground and form, and the resulting tension between positive and negative space becomes an integral part of the work.


Creating harmony and balance between the constructed and organic elements of her process ignites the spark that makes Amica’s work glow from within.

Video by Lara Prenzel Films, Music “Rainy Nights”  by Azaleh.