“Thanks Andy & Deb”

I was so excited getting the call from Art Lovers Australia that my painting had been chosen by the beautiful couple Andy & Deb from The Block. Now, seeing their heavenly room, I’m even more delighted. Its so beautiful, and exactly how I would love my home to feel and look like and EXACTLY the perfect space for this piece. The painting they chose is called “Breathe Me” which was named after the song by Sia, which is so special to me. It’s one of those songs that you play when you feel sad and small and in need of comfort, and their bedroom certainly oozes comfort and calm.


Be my friend, hold me
Wrap me up, unfold me
I am small, I’m needy
Warm me up and breathe me

Breathe Me – Sia



Dream collaboration with fashion designer to the stars Cindy Vogels, whose clients are amongst the likes of Lady Gaga!

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Soho Galleries is currently hosting a solo exhibition by Amica Whincop, titled “Essence.” The exhibition features a collection of the artist’s latest works.

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There is a sense of elemental chemistry in Amica Whincop’s painting as layers of paint and ink overlap and colours react across the surface.

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